This list is just a collection of thesis ideas that was already formulated. We always have more interesting ideas, which were not written down yet, on the topics operating systems, real-time systems, dependability, software variability, etc. So, if this list is empty, you find none of the presented theses ideas interesting, our you have this one brilliant idea you want to pursuit, just come around or write a mail.

Open Topics

Automatic Derivation of Instruction-Local Fault-Propagation Behavior

Typ: Masterarbeit
Status: offen
Supervisors: Christian Dietrich
Goal of this thesis is to develop a method that automatically extracts rules for instruction-local fault equivalence sets from an formal ISA model.

Running Theses

System-call offloading via Linux' io_uring on the Jailhouse partitioning hypervisor

Typ: Bachelorarbeit
Status: reserviert
Supervisors: Christian Dietrich
Integrate the io_uring asynchronous system-call interface with the partioning hypervisor Jailhouse. Thereby, hypervisor cells are able to offload I/O to the bystanding Linux cell.

Data-Flow Sensitive Fault Space Pruning for RISC-V

Typ: Bachelor-/Masterarbeit
Status: reserviert
Supervisors: Christian Dietrich
Refactor the existing DFPrune algorithm to also support the RISC-V architecture

Programmierbare asynchrone Ein-/Ausgabe auf Basis von io_uring und eBPF

Typ: Masterarbeit
Status: laufend
Supervisors: Christian Dietrich, Horst Schirmeier
[External at TU Dortmund] Ziel dieser Masterarbeit ist es, eine in der Community in Entwicklung befindliche eBPF-Erweiterung [2] für io_uring anhand realistischer und komplexer Anwendungsfälle wie dem Key-Value-Store MrCache, aber auch der in der Vorarbeit identifizierten Problemfälle, zu analysieren.

Finished Theses

Pruning of Soft-Error Fault Spaces by Dynamic Register-Usage Tracing in a Formal Instruction-Set Model

Typ: Masterarbeit
Status: abgeschlossen
Supervisors: Christian Dietrich, Daniel Lohmann
Project: CLASSY-FI
[External at Leibniz Universität Hannover] In this thesis, the SAIL compiler should be extended to allow the C-emulator to record all dynamic register reads and writes to these state registers. This information should then be integrated into the FAIL* toolchain to inject only those state registers that are actually used by a given executed instruction.