Operating System Techniques (BST)

E-Mail: christian.dietrich@tuhh.de
Lecturer: Christian Dietrich
Location:: Hybrid (CIP/E - 2.027P3d (E) und BBB-Session im Stud.IP)
Time: Dienstag: 11:00-15:00
Details: see StudIP.
StudIP-Event: BST

  • Master "Informatik-Ingenieurwesen": Technischer Ergänzungskurs (6 LP)
  • Master "Computer Science": Vertiefung I. Computer- und Software-Engineering (6 LP)
  • International Master "Information and Communication Systems": Technical Complementary Course for IMPICS (6 LP)
  • International Master "Microelectronics and Microsystems": Technical Complementary Course for IMPICS (6 LP)


In this course, we will discuss selected topics from the area of protection and priviledge isolation in the context of operating systems. Thereby, these topics are developed as an extension of the OOStuBS, as developed in the course Betriebssystembau. Starting from a single-processor operating system, privilege isolation, spatial isolation and advanced virtual-memory techniques are explored and implemented.

Lab assignments are project oriented: The exercises are divided into three parts, which are to be worked on by groups consisting of 2 students. Besides the practical work, there are six lecture-like sessions, where the underlying theory and the concrete technical background for x86 is taught.



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