Seminar: Virtual Memory Techniques

Course Type: Seminar
Semester: Winter Semester
Supervisor: Yannick Loeck
Details: see StudIP.
StudIP-Event: VMT
Creditpoints: BS: 2 / MS: 3

With the emergence on new memory technologies (non-volatile memory, high-bandwidth memory, ultra-fast SSDs), the need to manage memory efficiently becomes more and more urgent. Traditionally, the operating system was the mediator between the slow hard disk and the fast volatile RAM, making I/O management overheads negligible. In today's systems this is no longer true. Therefore, we have to reevaluate the fundaments of virtual memory management.

In this seminar, the students will learn technical skills for dealing with scientific papers, and apply them to papers related to virtual memory. First, four lectures will provide the students with an overview of the scientific process and give them guidance for preparing their own presentation

Equipped with this theoretical background, the students choose their favorite from a selection of papers dealing with virtual memory.

List of Papers

It is your task to choose a paper, read it, summarize it, and present its core concepts to the group in a short (20 minute) talk. The pdfs are accessible from the university network.






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