Seminar: Operating System Classics

Art der Vorlesung: Seminar
Semester: Sommersemester
Betreuer: Christian Dietrich
Zeit/Location: Tuesday, 10:00-12:00, Building E, 4.083
Creditpoints: BS: 2 / MS: 3

In the seminar "Operating System Classics", the students read, summarize and present "classic" operating system papers from the 1960s until today. Thereby, we will look at the different important aspects that make up the foundations of our modern computing world, from virtual memory, over file systems, to synchronization primitives. Only if we understand how previous generations of engineers have solved the problems of their times, we can develop new abstractions for the next generation of hardware.


In the seminar, you will choose one of these papers, read it, summarize it and present its core concepts to the group.

Operating System Architectures


Memory Management


The Multi-Core Challenge

Filesystems and Storage


Security and other Problems

Extensible Operating Systems


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