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file  acpi.h
 Structs and methods related to the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)".
file  apic.h
 Gather system information from the ACPI about the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC).
file  cache.h
 Helper for cache alignment.
file  cmos.h
 Controlling the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS).
file  context.h
 Functionality required for context switching.
file  core.h
 Access to internals of a CPU Core.
file  core_cr.h
 Access to Control Register of a CPU core.
file  core_interrupt.h
 Interrupt control and interrupt vector list
file  core_msr.h
 Identifiers for Model-Specific Register
file  cpuid.h
 CPUID queries information about the processor
file  gdt.h
 The Global Descriptor Table (GDT).
file  idt.h
 Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT) containing the entry points for interrupt handling.
file  ioapic.h
 IOAPIC abstracts the access to the I/O APIC
file  ioapic_registers.h
 Helper structures for interacting with the I/O APIC.
file  ioport.h
 IOPort provides access to the x86 IO address space
file  keydecoder.h
 KeyDecoder decodes a keystroke to the corresponding Key object
file  lapic.h
 LAPIC abstracts access to the Local APIC
file  lapic_registers.h
 Structures and macros for accessing the local APIC.
file  pic.h
 Handle (disable) the old Programmable Interrupt Controller (PIC)
file  pit.h
 The old/historical Programmable Interval Timer (PIT).
file  ps2controller.h
 PS/2 Controller (Intel 8042, also known as Keyboard Controller)
file  serial.h
 Communication via the Serial interface (RS-232)
file  system.h
 General System functionality (reboot)
file  textmode.h
 TextMode provides a basic interface to display a character in VGA-compatible text mode
file  textwindow.h
 TextWindow provides virtual output windows in text mode