pit.h File Reference

The old/historical Programmable Interval Timer (PIT). More...

#include "types.h"
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 Abstraction of the historical Programmable Interval Timer (PIT).


bool PIT::set (uint16_t us)
 Start timer. More...
uint16_t PIT::get (void)
 Reads the current timer value. More...
bool PIT::isActive (void)
 Check if the timer is running. More...
bool PIT::waitForTimeout (void)
 (Active) waiting for timeout More...
bool PIT::delay (uint16_t us)
 Set the timer and wait for timeout. More...
void PIT::pcspeaker (uint32_t freq)
 Play a given frequency on the PC speaker. More...
void PIT::disable (void)
 Deactivate the timer.

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